What does the training involve?

All Candidates start by completing an Outdoor Emergency Care class taught by Powder Ridge Ski Patrol Instructors. The classes are on Monday and Thursday evenings and start in early September and end around Thanksgiving. The National Ski Patrol supplies amazing resources that include textbooks and numerous online resources. We generally try to have the Monday classes online. Thursday classes take place at Powder Ridge, where we take a more hands-on approach. The final testing includes a 100-question multiple choice exam as well as hands-on scenarios that test your skills at determining what care the patient needs on the hill and how you're going to get your patient to the next level of care.

How does the training transfer to the hill?

Once the classroom works is completed, candidates officially become Auxiliary Patrollers and move to on-the-hill training, which takes place every Sunday morning for the first three months of the ski/snowboard season. The on-the-hill final exam has you working with seasoned patrollers as you move through numerous rescue scenarios that involve determining the safety of the scene, patient assessment, first aid, and bringing patients down the hill in toboggans.

How much does it cost?

The training costs roughly $270, which includes your Outdoor Emergency Care book, Ski Patrol manual, National Ski Patrol dues and CPR certification. You will have to purchase an official Ski Patrol jacket or vest. Vests run about $120 new, and jackets are in the neighborhood of $250. The good news? You can usually find a used jacket for about $100. You'll also need a fanny pack or backpack for your medical supplies. These run from $25 and up. The supplies you'll need for your pack are around $25. The Powder Ridge Ski Patrol supplies you with medical gloves, bandages, tape and splints.

So ... what are the perks?

You will have 70+ people to ski / board with! Powder Ridge is a great place to volunteer, you ski for free whenever you're wearing your official Ski Patrol gear. And you'll get $50 season passes for immediate family members. You'll also get 18 complimentary passes to use however you like, plus there's 25% off all food / store purchases and free coffee! Each year the Ski Patrol gets a dedicated night at the tubing hill for a family / friends get together and chili cook off. We have an end of year banquet to celebrate the organization and the successes of the year. And the Ski Patrol building behind the chalet is a great hangout between runs and calls. It seems there's always snacks on the "Free" table, crock pots stewing and great conversation to be had.

Still on the snow fence? Come and ski with us!

We would love to show you the proverbial tow ropes, just let us know a day and time you can make it. We will get you a complimentary lift ticket and we can hit the slopes together for however long you want, it's a great way to really get the feel of what it means to patrol.