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Gear up for the outdoors and support the Powder Ridge Ski Patrol. Attend the Powder Ridge Ski Swap on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. We’ll have ski and snowboard equipment for kids and adults—plus all the accessories. Save the date and share it with your friends! Equipment drop-off and browsing starts at 9 a.m and the registers start ringing up sales at 11 a.m.

The PRSP earns income from these events in several ways: it receives $2 per ticket, per item from members of the public who place their used equipment for sale; it receives 10 percent of all public items sold; and it receives an 17 percent share of all vendor items sold. (14% plus 3% to cover the cost of credit card transactions.)

All proceeds supports the Powder Ridge Ski Patrol and your wintertime on-the-hill safety. Questions? Post 'em to the event or email

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